The following events have been organised during 2018.  New events, in addition to those below, will be organised during the year and the website updated.  Please check back regularly.


*Saturday 21st April 10am

Dalby and Cropton Bat Box Check

Meet at the Haygate Forest Drive barrier.  All day event, so bring a packed lunch.

*Wednesday 25th April 10am

Broadhead & Wykeham Bat Box Check

Meet at Hackness Village Hall.  Half day.

*Friday 8th June

Low North Camp Bat Survey

First of two visits to this site - see August 17th (TBC).  The club here are keen on putting up some bat boxes and are in the process of constructing them.  There is a good selection of bats present.  We would like to get six fixed point surveys on the same night to see where the bats are coming and going from to help get the boxes in the right locations.

*Friday 10th August

Broadhead Farm Bat Survey

Another site where we know bats are present but have little information on species and usage.

*Friday 17th August (TBC)

Low North Camp Bat Survey

Second visit.

*Tuesday 21st August

Staindale Bat Walk 8.15pm

Bat walk at Staindale Water with Scarborough and Ryedale Field Naturalists.  Meet at Staindale lower car park.  We will have a code to enable people to exit the forest barrier.

*Friday 24th August

Cropton Cabins Bat Survey

The Forestry Commission have a grant for some bat boxes, so a good fixed point survey will help us locate the best places for them.  We will have a follow-up visit to erect the boxes - date to be arranged.  A brief evening visit in 2017 located four species of bat using the site.

*Friday 7th September

Keys Beck

After the 2017 survey we will try a second visit here to see if we can get any better results.  Should be a good site with the two largish water bodies, so well worth a second try.

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th September

National Bat Conference, University of Nottingham

Organised by the Bat Conservation Trust this conference will enable you to catch up on all the latest research findings and meet up with old friends and colleagues.  See

*Saturday 29th September

Broadhead and Wykeham 10am

Bat box check at Broadhead and Wykeham. Meet at Hackness Village Hall. Half day.

*Saturday 6th October

Dalby and Cropton 10am

Bat box check.  Meet at the Haygate Forest Drive barrier.  All day, so bring a packed lunch.


*For events marked with an asterisk please contact for further information.